Danger Bass



Linc Luthier Instruments have been produced with a one-at-a-time, one-of-a-kind philosophy since 1991.

In all that time, no two identical instruments have been produced. 

Obviously, instruments are counted in the hundreds, not millions, but ask one who owns a Linc Luthier.  Read some of the testimonials from those who, bought all the others, and were still haunted for years; until taking the path less traveled, making a Linc Luthier Instrument their own.

Linc Luthier has been sustained entirely on word-of-mouth testimonials of customers.  It is also a testimony that a majority of customers do not settle for a single instrument but are multiple repeat offenders.
The most often heard comment regarding the literature we have published is that it does not do the instruments justice.  Special thanks to Steve O’Harra for trying to focus on photographing a small cross section of instruments in detail.  I hope this approach will give insight to what Linc Luthier is all about.

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