Danger Bass


patented bodies

A patented variation on the semi-acoustic body is the Impression Acoustic Design, which removes bracing from the top and back of the instrument and places structural considerations from the neck to the sides.

Impression Acoustic

The result is extremely responsive, bringing the instrument’s energies to focus back to the bridge of the instrument, with minimal loss. Which is why we use this design in conjunction with piezo bridges, for hybrid sound capabilities.

Impression sides

Impression instruments are run in stereo and come with a breakout box to split the stereo signal, so you can feature two amplified sounds and blend between them.

impression upright

The Impression Acoustic design has been utilized on all our instruments, from guitars to Impression Uprights.

Impression Upright

Countless tone wood variations are employed in Linc Luthier instruments, and instruments are manufactured with a one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time philosophy.

exotic hardwood bodies

On standard instruments gold Schaller or ABM hardware is generally employed.  

Pickups are mounted directly to the body of the instrument to aid in transferring all of the sound. Electronics feature zero noise, volume, and pan between pickups, for a surprising passive sound.

Clamping bodies

…active electronics upon request

Active bass

acacia guitarmaple Body

snakewood / pink Ivory body

The reciprocating body-neck joint is unique to Linc Luthier innovation.zebra guitar porn


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